CAKE Delta 8 Disposable Device 1.5 Gram Og Kush



Series Delta 8
Concentrate Distillate
Department Disposable Device
Cannabinoid Delta-8 THC
Brand CAKE

Series: Delta 8. Unveiling a larger 2 gram disposable vape, Cake indulges users with 25% more of their beloved Delta-8 distillate. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of these D8 vapes, from the imaginative packaging to the new 2.0 battery style, garnering fervent fan appreciation.

Coil: Ceramic Coil. Say goodbye to burnt tastes and coil gunk – the Ceramic Coil’s innovative design prevents these common issues.

Brand: Cake. Cake, a beacon of distinction, emerged in the radiant summer of 2020 in Orange County, California, and swiftly became the quintessential hemp-derived cannabinoid brand across the USA. The pioneer of the hemp scene, Cake brand achieved prominence by launching the groundbreaking delta 8 disposable – The OG 1g Cake disposable.

Terpenes Type: Native Hemp Terpenes. Elevate your cannabis experience with Cake Native Hemp Terpenes – the epitome of natural flavor enhancement. Whether you’re vaping, dabbing, or infusing, our terpenes offer a genuine, true-to-strain experience.

Department: Disposable. Elevate your vaping game with disposable vapes, a convenient and versatile option for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Delta-9 THC: < 0.3%. Experience the delight of Cake Disposable, with Delta-9 THC content under 0.3%. It’s the ideal option for those seeking a relaxed and manageable experience.

Design: Pen-style. The series adopts the appearance of a pen-style vape, which makes it look delicate and cute.

Concentrate: Distillate. Unlock the essence of cannabis with Cake Distillate Concentrate. Our carefully crafted distillate is known for its exceptional purity and potency, making it the ideal choice for discerning cannabis enthusiasts.

Tank Construction: Polycarbonate. Experience vaping like never before with the Cake Polycarbonate Cartridge. Designed for enduring excellence, our polycarbonate construction promises durability, ensuring your favorite flavors are always within reach.

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Weight 1 kg

OG Kush




1.5 Gram


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